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Insurance / Claims Handling:

We at Luigy’s Moving & Storage Company always strive to offer our clients top class service and be as careful as possible at the same time. We treat the belongings of our clients with as much respect as we would treat our own goods. However when you complete over 500 moves a year there is a inevitably going to be a few instances of damage. We are proud to announce we have a 98.8% success rate in completing moves with no damage. We are very proud of this and we will still continue to improve.

A company can be judged on how it handles the problems it inevitably must encounter in doing business. We feel this is where our professionalism shines through. Below we will outline the types of valuation coverage we offer and brief outline of claims handling process.

Valuation coverage types:

  • Basic $0.60 per pound per article: This type of valuation coverage comes free and standard on all moves within California. If this option is chosen, should there be damage to a piece: the customer will receive 60 cents for every pound the item weighs. An example would be if an item that weighs 100 pounds gets damage during the moving process the customer would receive $60.00 towards the repair or replacement of that item.

  • Actual Cash Value: This type of coverage costs $1.00 for every $100.00 worth of coverage. This level of coverage takes into account depreciation and example would be if a TV that you bought for $750.00 five years ago gets damage in the moving process then the value of the TV at the time of the move. $400.00 would be the maximum amount the customer would receive towards the repair or replacement of the TV.

  • Full Cash Value: This type of coverage has three different subtypes. Basically with this coverage if an item gets damage during the moving process the customer will get the item repaired or replaced up to the declared values taken. The three types are as follows.

  • Nondeductible:This level costs $20.00 per $1000.00 coverage.

  • $250.00 Deductible:This level costs $15.00 per $1000.00 coverage.

  • $500.00 Deductible: This level costs $10.00 per $1000.00 coverage.

We have a $20,000 minimum on all moves and your actual minimum is based on the size of your move.

We have MUST insure your shipment to within 80% of the value of everything that is being covered. If you chose to insure only certain items as opposed to the whole shipment, then you must itemize these goods and state their values.

If Luigy’s Moving & Storage Company under takes the packing of your boxes Luigy’s Moving & Storage Company will assume liability for damage due to packing. If you choose to pack yourself, assumes no liability for faulty / inadequate packing.

Claims Handling Process:

In the unlike event of damage we have a streamlined process the get the claim promptly and efficiently. Below we have outlined a damage report timeline:

  • Customer informs office of damage. Time is noted and claim form is delivered to customer.
  • Completed claim form is returned to Luigy’s Moving & Storage Company and placed in the hands of the claims administrator who will contact the customer within 3 days.
  • After information is gathered, the claims administrator will process the claim or visit the site to gain additional information.
  • Claim will be closed or arrangements will be made to have the damaged item repaired.

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