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Customer Satisfation Survey
Question 1 - How will you rate our customer service? 
  Extremely good service 
  Very good service 
  Moderate service 
  Bad Service 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 2 - How would you rate the performance of our movers? 
  Extremely Good Performance 
  Very Good Performance 
  Good Performance 
  Bad Performance 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 3 - Did our movers arrived on time for the job as we promised? 
  On time 
  Almost on time 
  Never Arrived 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 4 - Was there any damage to your Goods? 
  Nothing Was damage 
  Somethings were damage 
  A lot of my Goods were damage 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 5 - Would you consider that our prices was reasonable? 
  Much more reasonable 
  Somewhat more reasonable 
  Slightly more reasonable 
  About as reasonable 
  Slightly less reasonable 
  Somewhat less reasonable 
  Much less reasonable 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 6 - Would you recommend Luigys Moving Company to your friends and relatives? 
  Yes I will Recommend Luigys Moving Company 
  Yes I will Recommend Luigys Moving Company as a second Option 
  I will Never Recommend Luigys Moving Company 
  Other (please specify): 
Question 7 - How likely are you to hire Luigys Moving Company again? 
  Extremely likely 
  Very likely 
  Moderately likely 
  Slightly likely 
  Not at all likely 
  Other (please specify): 


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