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Luigys Moving & Storage started with Luigys Delivery Service in the year 2000 as a company of services in the industry of transportation in the area of San Francisco. In very little time extended throughout the entire bay area. Luigys Delivery great job, professionalism, positive attitude, and mostly for the strive to always go the extra mile, made Luigys Delivery always wants to be hired by many designers, stagers, realtors, and a lot of nonprofit organizations in the bay area. The demand of jobs was so high that Luis Aguilar (owner) saw the need to enlarge his asset and to bring into action his family and other employees to help Luis with all the activities that require having a successful operation. This same act has converted Luigys service into a household goods moving company in which we are more than certain that even though the competition is high, there is no doubt that honesty, experience and the vast desire to serve to a market that is deeply demanding, is to manage competitive prices and outstanding service. And never forget that Luigys moving & Storage main goal is to make a different experience to all of our clients in the time that they require our service.


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